Helping You Resolve Tax Controversies

Who needs our tax resolution services? Any person or business that owes the IRS or their state unpaid taxes and does not have the ability, whether it is through frustration, complication, or fear to adequately represent their own interests. Delinquent taxpayers may also just want an advocate in their corner. Tax resolution is the process of taking existing IRS and state programs, then utilizing and implementing those programs to solve a taxpayer's tax problem. The solution can include an installment agreement, a Currently Noncollectible status, an Offer in Compromise, or a Bankruptcy.

If you have income or business tax problems, call me, John Harrington, at The Law Office of John D. Harrington, today for a free consultation. At the consultation, I will review your issues and strive to give you a personalized plan as to how he is going to resolve your tax problem.

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IRS Tax Audits

There are two types of tax audits, and it is wise to have a qualified tax attorney assisting you if you receive a notification that you are being audited.

Desk Audit
A desk audit occurs when the IRS' computers pick up a discrepancy in a person's tax return. This typically occurs when the taxpayer misses a taxable item, such as a 401k withdraw or a 1099. The IRS will send the taxpayer a CP2000 letter informing the taxpayer of the discrepancy and letting them know of the additional tax they owe. The CP2000 letter will also give the taxpayer 30 days to respond. I offer a free consultation for taxpayers who receive a CP2000 letter from the IRS. Just bring the letter to the appointment.

Regular Audit
This is the audit that most people are familiar with. An IRS agent has your tax return and is reviewing the return usually because there was something in the return that did not make sense. When an IRS agent starts an audit on a year, they have the ability to include the two previous years in the audit as well. Most audits that start as one-year audit get expanded to include previous years. The agent auditing the return will request information from the taxpayer. That information will be due by a date certain. It is important to always timely respond to an audit request for additional information. If you are being audited, bring your audit letter to me for a free consultation.

Get Help from The IRS Fresh Start Program

I can also help you find out if you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program, which was developed to help taxpayers struggling with their unpaid tax debts. Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • The agency's Offer In Compromise program has been expanded to include a larger group of people.
  • The IRS will now generally not file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien if a taxpayer owes less than $10,000.
  • Now, a taxpayer who owes as much as $50,000 in back taxes may qualify for streamlined installment agreements, in which the taxpayer has up to 72 months (six years) to repay the debts through monthly direct debits to their bank accounts.

This program can help small businesses and individual taxpayers catch up on tax payments and avoid incurring tax liens. If you qualify, I can help you apply for the program and represent you during any interactions with the IRS.

Let's Get Into Compliance in Brighton

In order to resolve tax problems with the IRS, the taxpayer must be compliant. Compliance means that the taxpayer has all required tax returns filed and is correctly paying their taxes in the current tax year. I can assist you with the preparing and filing of missing returns and has strategies to assist you with correctly paying your current year's taxes.

For more information on all the tax resolution services I provide, call my firm's office in Brighton or use the online email form to schedule an appointment. I work with clients throughout Michigan, including the areas of Ann Arbor, Southfield, Oakland County, including Flint, Washtenaw County, or Bloomfield Hills.