Do You Have Tax Issues? You Need a Legal Advocate.

If you have a tax controversy, you need an attorney - not a CPA. I am John D. Harrington, the founding attorney of The Law Office of John D. Harrington. I have been an attorney for over 20 years. Over the last 11 years, I have successfully represented taxpayers who owed tens of millions in state and federal taxes.
Through my efforts, I have saved clients millions of dollars. Not only can I assist you with your current tax issues, but I can also use strategies to stop tax problems before they start. The areas of tax law I practice include:

As a licensed attorney, I can represent anyone in the country before the IRS.

How I Can Help You

Tax resolution plans

I will develop and implement a plan to help resolve your tax issues, taking action to assist you and do what is necessary during the resolution process.

Preventing future tax issues
If you wish to start a business, meet with me for a free consultation. We can discuss strategies on how to prevent tax problems from ever starting.

Free consultations and cost-effective service
I understand that clients with tax problems need flexibility to afford representation. I provide free consultations, fixed prices, and payment arrangements to keep my service affordable.

Get a Free Consultation with An Advocate

I am prepared to advocate for your rights as a taxpayer. At my office in Brighton, I provide free consultations with clients throughout Michigan. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your tax matters. Simply call or send me an email.